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Jinshan residents speak their own dialect of Shanghainese, with different areas of Jinshan having different vocabulary and pronunciation. Jinshan residents are able to understand pure Shanghainese spoken by those near the city of Shanghai, but the inner city Shanghai residents are not able to understand Jinshan dialect.

Jinshan District, located in the southwest of Shanghai, is one of the biggest districts of the city. Local political administration is divided into nine towns and one subdistrict. About 6.2 km off the coast of Jinshan, there are three islands named Da Jinshan (the Big Golden Mountain), Xiao Jinshan (the Small Golden Mountain), and Fu Shan (the Floating Mountain). At 103m above sea level, Da Jinshan is the highest point within the Shanghai municipality. There are several beaches along the 23.3 km shoreline, which are popular tourism destinations.

As the city of Shanghai has grown, Jinshan has experienced rapid changes, evolving from a relatively rural area to a more suburban setting. With completion of the high-speed highway in 2008, a new bus line was opened between Shanghai and Jinshan. This line, known as the ShiMei (石梅線 or 石梅线) travels between a bus station in Jinshan and travels to Jin Jiang Amusement Park (錦江樂園 or 锦江乐园). Travel time on this line takes about an hour, depending on traffic and time of day. One way tickets can be purchased at each end of the line for 10 RMB.

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